Grant of National Science Center, Poland, No. 2019/33/B/ST2/02588
Unveiling multidimensional partonic structure of hadrons
Publications in journals (2020-23)
  1. K. Golec-Biernat, T. Stebel, Eur. Phys. J. C (2020) 80:455
    Drell-Yan production with the CCFM-K evolution
  2. A. Pedrak, B. Pire, L.Szymanowski, J. Wagner Phys.Rev.D 101 (2020) 114027
    Electroproduction of a large invariant mass photon pair
  3. Renaud Boussarie, Yoshitaka Hatta Phys.Rev.D 101 (2020) 11, 114004
    A QCD analysis of near-threshold quarkonium leptoproduction at large photon virtualities
  4. Hiren Kakkad, Piotr Kotko, Anna Stasto
    Exploring straight infinite Wilson lines in the Self Dual and the MHV Lagrangians
  5. W. Cosyn, B Pire, L. Szymanowski
    Diffractive two-meson electroproduction with a nucleon and deuteron target
Publications in conference proceedings (2020-23)